Artificial Intelligence(AI) Solutions
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been pervasive in all kinds of industries. Undeniably, our daily lives are progressively affected by AI technologies that can recognize image or speech, or analyze patterns of our online behaviours. As to enhance financial planning, our team leverages AI technology to build a smart mobile application, namely, Fin.

To optimize expense book keeping experience, Fin introduces Smart Receipt to allow the users scan their receipt and AI will automate analysis work. Another exiciting feature of Fin is Voice Expense which allows the users to record their expense using their own voice.

Fin uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to help users capture their expenses, analyze their spending behaviours to identify overspending. It reminds users with bill dates to avoid late fees. No surprises, no overspending, never miss a due date. Take control of your personal finance, smartly.


eCommerce Solutions
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In Malaysia, money transaction is overwhelmingly dominated by cash and cheque due to perception that this is more secure than electronic payment system. In fact, the lack of a convenient yet secure mobile payment platform could be one of the key reasons. To tranform the way Malaysians make payment, QBill is the solution we deliver.

Tired of standing in long queues to pay your bills? With QBill, you can now top up your mobile, buy game points or even pay all your bills at your fingertip. QBill supports approximately 50 popular service providers or billers including TNB, SYABAS, TM, Astro, U Mobile, Maxis, and many more.

When it comes to security, we also take it very seriously. Banking credentials stay secured with user's trusted bank. They will never be stored or shared to the third party (not even with us!).


eLearning Solutions
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The aim of this project is to build a convenient mobile Multimedia Learning System(MMLS) app exclusively for Multimedia University students. With this mobile app, the students could keep themselves up to date with campus announcement or news. To optimize the announcement delivery rate, this app sends push notification to student's mobile phone.

With MMUBee, the students can now access to teaching materials anytime, anywhere with internet coverage. They can check their class timetables, academic calendar, attendance, exam timetable and results, and even more.

Always missing important campus events? With this app, the students can create event reminder by clicking on the said date in announcement published by lecturers or tutors. Last but not least, MMUBee provides students with an in-campus social networking platform that drastically increases student interaction.

Step 1


Set up a meeting with client to establish relationships and discover client's needs. We will closely collaborate with client to map out the best solution.

Step 2


We take the time to determine requirements, research and analyze the current system, then propose the solution that makes the most sense for the client.

Step 3


On the selection of final idea, our team will create a system design specification (SDS) document that contains all needed information to develop the system.

Step 4


As laid out in the SDS document, our development team turns the physical design specifications into working computer code.

Step 5


A comprehensive testing environment is created where all components are brought together and tested to ensure the system is functioning well and bug-free.

Step 6


After delivering the product, client's feedback is well tracked and taken into consideration. Maintenance team further refines the app to meet current trends.

App Cost Estimation

The amount of hard work required in building a high quality mobile app is often underestimated.
Thus, we provide this calculator to estimate the cost of a custom app.

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